Keepers Creeper Shroom


Keeper creeper is an award-winning shroom, which is a Psilocybe Cubensis. It is famous for its beautiful caramel caps and stems when exposed to cold temperatures. This mushroom is an eye-catching strain since the colour changes to golden brown when in warmer climates. This Creeper strain has psilocybin and psilocin compounds. It was discovered in dung and straw and its substrate in Hawaii.

The caps of Creeper Magic Mushroom are broad, convex shapes. They are reddish cinnamon brown on maturity. It gets too light yellow when it dries up. At a warmer temperature, it changes to a golden brown. Its flesh turns to bluish-green after bruising.

Moreover, the spores are dark purplish to brown. They are gray when in young fruit bodies and upon maturity, changes to black. The veil becomes dusted with purple-brown spores on maturity.

The high of Creeper Cubensis Mushroom is body high with psychedelic and numbing effects. It also can make one have a connection with nature. This shroom has both body and mental high. It is ideal for the treatment of mood disorders and any pain. Since it can grow at different temperatures, it is a very easy mushroom to grow.

Creeper Mushroom Positive Effects

Upon the intake of Creeper Mushroom, one will feel enlightened and would like to connect to nature. It makes one feel lighter, kind of emotional and improvement on the vision. When one is awake, you are likely to see auras and reflection of light on surfaces. More energy will run through your body; hence you might feel like engaging in creative activities. Moreover, this shroom has psychedelic effects that will keep you elevated. The euphoric effects of Creeper Cubensis will feel you with happiness, hence exaggerated laughter. Likewise, it has numbing effects that will soothe your body, thus causing relaxation.

Creeper Shroom Side Effects

Like any other Psilocybe Cubensis, Creeper Strain Mushroom will make you experience dry mouth, detachment from people, mild confusion, and some people complain of nausea. It is advisable to take lots of fluid to keep your body hydrated. Some people tend to become unemotionally unstable after the intake of this lovely munchy. Some people end up getting mental disorders due to severe anxiety. It is recommendable to consume Creeper Mushroom when you have company. Ensure you take food or something sweet if you are taking this shroom for the first time.

Creepers Shrooms Grow Information

Creeper Strain is ideal for new growers since it is easy to grow. It grows where there is dung and straw. Moreover, it grows well in enriched soils. Nevertheless, it grows in subtropical and tropical climate zones. The average temperature needed to develop this shroom is between 28- 30 degrees Celsius.

This shroom proves to be the best since it can grow indoors and outdoors. In outdoor settings, it fruits several times in a wide range of substrates and temperatures. When grown indoors, it yields massive than average fruit bodies.

Creeper Mushroom Medical Use

Due to its euphoric effects, Creeper Mushroom is ideal for treating depression, anxiety, stress, ADD/ADHD and other mental related disorders. The relaxation effects will bring your nerves down, making one forget all the daily worries. Furthermore, it has numbing impacts that are ideal for treating migraines, muscle spasms, headaches, arthritis and chronic pain. The psychedelic effects are so suitable in treating mood disorders since you will be uplifted.


To sum up, Creeper Magic Shroom is a very great mushroom due to its numerous medicinal effects on the users. It is the perfect treatment of many mental disorders due to its euphoric and relaxation products. These ailments include stress, depression, anxiety, nervousness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) and Attention-deficit Disorders (ADD).

It is also ideal in treating migraines, arthritis, aches, muscle spasms, chronic pains and headaches due to its numbing effects. People who have cancer might benefit a lot from this shroom due to these soothing effects. Nevertheless, this mushroom is perfect in treating mood disorders due to psychedelic effects.

Creeper strain is easy to grow since it prefers dung and straw areas, which is readily available. It performs well indoors, making it the ideal shroom for newbies. Moreover, it does well in well in different temperatures. Although it doesn’t grow very fast, it yields large mushrooms.

Creeper Mushroom is a sight to behold with beautiful stem and caps. The stems are thick with thick veils too. It tends to change colour with changes in temperatures. This shroom has larger than average fruit size, and the body reaches up to 8 inches.

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